How Drone Aerial Imagery and Video is Quickly Changing the Marketing Standards for Commercial/Residential Real Estate

How Drone Aerial Imagery and Video is Quickly Changing the Marketing Standards for Commercial/Residential Real Estate

Marketing a commercial or residential real estate property is among the most challenging and complex endeavors these days. The competition is vicious, mostly because online listings generate the majority of leads. Nearly every potential client today begins his or her search online, and it can be really tough to stand out from the crowd!

We’ve Got You Covered - Drones are Changing the Entire Real Estate Marketing Process

These days, the newest marketing weapon in real estate is the usage of drone photography and video tours in your online listings. Most agents claim that drone photography is the most significant new technology to penetrate the world of real estate marketing. In fact, MLS statistics show that properties with drone photography and video are selling 68% faster than homes without.

Using these new “tripods in the sky”, real estate photographers are creating dramatic, sweeping shots of landscapes, mountain and ocean vistas, and smooth fly-bys of some gorgeous property exteriors. Commercial properties aren’t left out! High aerial shots helps show surrounding amenities and busy streets, helping potential Buyers do their due diligence to get a glimpse of exactly what they’re going to be investing in. This is a new and exciting world, now brought to you with ease and affordability.

The Advantages of Using Drones for Real Estate Marketing

So how do real estate brokers and agents benefit from using drones in their marketing campaigns, in the real world?

  • Compelling and dramatic images - These drones can create Hollywood-grade video, seriously! Nothing better helps showcase the beauty of that new home, or the prime location of your Taco Bell listing. It’s simply the future, stunning and affordable.

  • Create interesting virtual tours - A camera drone could literally fly to a house over the main door, go over each room, create a 3D panorama and provide stable interior video and photography. All of which creates a much more interesting and natural virtual tour compared to station-based photography.

  • Focus more property features - Walking paths, lavish pools, gorgeous backyards and nearby amenities are crucial to most purchasers. Aerial drone video and photography help bring such benefits to life.

  • Generate new business - Using drone photography and video to market properties can help agents reveal each advantage of their listings. This helps properties stand out, appealing to a wider audience of potential Buyers.

  • Out market the strict competition - It is a fact that listings which look more impressive, as well as offer more area detail simply sell at a faster and higher rate.

  • Save cash - Compared to capturing aerial pictures from a helicopter or a fixed wing aircraft, drone photography and videography is very affordable on any budget and extremely easy to organize.

Drones have become a very important marketing tool for real estate, given that it offers a multitude of benefits. Gaining all these advantages starts by working with a reliable photography service that has adopted this latest technology, such as Raven Media.